It all started when...

Major, a young MC from Belgium, felt the need to tell his uncharacteristic story.

Growing up in the suburbs of his hometown Leuven, he got in touch with music at a young age.
Throughout college, he uncovered a love for poetry and writing, which ultimately led him to pick up the pen and start writing lyrics. Having experienced a lot of turbulence in his youth, Major started using the power of words to adress his inner demons.

Later on, Major started experimenting with hiphop in a more 'stereotypical' setting. Soon he felt the need to adress his public in a different way. In search of the essence of live hiphop, Major soon discovered the need to work together with skilled musicians to restore the pureness of what hiphop has meant to him in earlier days.

The band teamed up with five skilled musicians to form a live fusion hiphopband. All of these musicians having their own body of expertise, it soon became clear that the band's genre would include a whole lot more than only hiphopinfluences.

From that day on, MAJOR was born!








All pictures taken by Diederik Craps